Budapest Underwater Rugby Cup 2015

By 2015. máj. 11.Hírek

Date and Time

Saturday 12th of September 2015.

Games will start at 09:00h and will be over at around 18:00h.



The pool is located at Hajós Alfréd Nemzeti Sportuszoda, on Margitsziget.

The island is only accessible by walk or public transport.

Bus 26 stops right at the pool, you can get on either at Nyugati train station, or Árpád-híd metro station.



The Cup is open to all teams in female and male category.


Swimming Pool

The swimming pool measures are Length 19 m × Width 8 m × Depth 4 m. Goals are fixed to the bottom.



CMAS UWR rules will apply, with exception of playing and pause time and the length and width of the pool.

Playing and pause time will be adjusted depending on the number of participating teams.


Game schedule

The way and time of playing depend on the number of teams who will take part. Game time is approximately 12 minutes ineffective (depends on number of teams), and a minimum of 3 games per team is guaranteed.


Exclusion of liability

Competitors will participate in the Tournament entirely at their own risk.

The Organizing Authority will not accept any liability for personal damage, injury or death, sustained in conjunction with, during or after the Tournament. The Organizing Authority disclaims any and all such liability.


Medical Care

Permanently present at the swimming pool.



Organizer does not support catering during the tournament. Take meals in the indoor pool area is strictly prohibited.



We hope to see you under the water in Budapest!



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